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Tony explains why people, ordinary people like you and me, should join or cooperate with Peoples Projects Foundation.



The latest project of Peoples Projects Foundation is all about re-usability of IT-equipment and recycling of the materials from which this equipment has been made.

The goal of Hardware2U is to collect used IT-equipment and then repair or refurbish it for re-use or split it into the raw materials for recycling of metals, bullion and plastics.

Companies that donate their used IT-equipment to Hardware2U automatically become sponsor of our Foundation and as such are mentioned on our sponsors page.


We recently adopted the idea of 'The Little Free Library' by Todd Bol of Hudson, Wisconsin. Stephanie van Iersel started her first Little Free Library in front of our Lelystad office and is trying to establish more libraries in upcoming months.

A Little Free Library is a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. In its most basic form, a Little Free Library is a box full of books where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share.


Our Online Magazine with news and information about the availability of environment friendly, alternative sources of energy, which are also practical, sustainable, economical and commercially realizable right now.


Learning about this exciting endeavour initially inspired the creation of Peoples Projects Foundation, and it is The Solar Circumnavigator that has been chosen as our first project.

The goal of The Solar Circumnavigator is to establish an environmental benchmark: The first solar circumnavigation of the earth by a ship or boat using 'solar', photovoltaic, power alone - no sails or wind generators and no fossil fuels aboard (not even for cooking).

This is the voyage which will prove that, in the 3rd millenium, solar power can be used for appropriate transport applications around the world, and that photovoltaics can gather and store energy to provide propulsion all day, and for all night long. Proof that zero-input-zero-emission autonomous, self-propelled transportation is finally, after thousands, tens of thousands, millions of years, within the reach of humankind.

The voyage is planned to be the continuity for a powerful environmental cinematic film - A bold combination of real-time documentary, docu-drama and re-enacted bio-pic. A film which demonstrates the obvious but often forgotten fact, that the Sun is the earth's energy source, and powerfully suggests that it is high time we all stopped ignoring this convenient truth.

During the estimated 120 days of the record setting voyage, The Solar Circumnavigator (captain and crew of the ship) will demonstrate, and discuss, in real time over the airways and the internet,
  • the fact that the practical application of photovoltaic based solar power could, right now, already be cutting 25% to 50% of our average transport related emissions,
  • and photovoltaic (and other complementary direct sun to energy technologies) can, over the next decade, cut up to 100% of non-sustainable electricity generation emissions.
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