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Tony explains why people, ordinary people like you and me, should join or cooperate with Peoples Projects Foundation.


The Foundation, via the internet, is seeking support from the public and financial or trade sponsors for various projects.


Published on 2013-07-01, 13:07
Start of Hardware2U

The latest project of Peoples Projects Foundation is all about re-usability of IT-equipment and recycling of the materials from which this equipment has been made.

The goal of Hardware2U is to collect used IT-equipment and then repair or refurbish it for re-use or split it into the raw materials for recycling of metals, bullion and plastics.

Read more about Hardware2U.

Published on 2010-12-06, 11:00
The GreenCat has claws
Anthony Howarth announced today that the start of the record breaking voyage of The Solar Circumnavigator, The Global GreenCat, will be in May 2011.
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Published on 2009-08-24, 09:00
Announcement of publication of Vlogs for The Solar Circumnavigator
Press release with the announcement of publication of V(irtual)logs about the project on DailyMotion.
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Published on 2009-08-10, 09:00
The Solar Circumnavigator
There is an immediate practical solution to over 25% of the energy required for transport and we can start implementing the steps to achieve this now.
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Published on 2009-07-27, 09:00
The global green portal
Very nice article on Ecoseed - the global green portal - about the project.
You can read it here.

Published on 2009-07-22, 09:00
Keith Barry on Autopia blog of Wired.com
Keith Barry on Autopia blog of Wired.com writes an article on the Solar Circumnavigator with the title 'Sailing around the World on Solar Power'.

Published on 2009-07-01, 09:00
History, short description of, and reason for The SolarCircumnavigator project
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Published on 2009-06-24, 09:00
Quadsie and OSCAR to go for a voyage
Today, Anthony Howarth confirmed that The Solar Circumnavigator, a 20 metre photovoltaic powered
Catamaran, will carry two historic solar vehicles on its epic solar voyage around the world.
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The Solar Circumnavigator project launched
Peoples Projects Foundation announces first project : The Solar Circumnavigator
Start of Peoples Projects Foundation
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